Life is a mistake without music

Aarohana aims at making you
Learn – Play – Record – Publish – Perform

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You come with ideas
and have your product ready

Studio is setup with state of art technology supported by MUSINEERS An ideal place to get the satisfatory music output.

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Aarohana  Live  Shows

Life seems to go on without effort
when it is filled with music

Music lovers enjoy the beauty of retro music in the signature style of Aarohana, relish some instrumental versions of them and encourage the own compositions with soft rock, retro music. Band features vocals, Keyboard and related instruments, Lead and rhythm Guitars, Bass Guitar and Percussion

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Aarohana - Musical Allegiance

Learn – Play – Record – Publish – Perform.


Aarohana is a music establishment at Mysuru-Karnataka-India that comprises of An audio recording studio with a network of talented artists and experienced sound engineers. Composition and Arrangement facility for Indian and Western albums of various genres, Movies and documentaries. A band of musicians to perform live on stage. Music classes at Mysuru, Bengaluru and online.


Aarohana Studio

Symphonic Technology

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A decently furnished temperature controlled recording setup is spacious enough to record a complete band with live drums at a time. Several years of solid experience has made us record various genres of music which include Soft Rock, Indian classical and light classical, Devotional Chants, Israeli, Country Western, Pop, Disco, R & B and Speeches. We have the facility for Recording, Mixing, Mastering and other postproduction for Jingles, Albums, Movies and Documentaries. Studio also consists of a voice dubbing setup, first of its kind in Mysuru. The process is looked after by engineers who are performing musicians themselves. This adds to the purpose of making the project technically and asthetically perfect. With our wide network of Top Class Artists, ‘You come with ideas and have your product ready’. We also have tie-ups with firms which help you to shoot video albums, make multiple copies of your project, get the Album art etc.

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What we actually do . . .

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  • Vocals & Instruments (includes live drums)
  • Background scoring for full length movies, short movies, episodes and documentaries.
  • Foley & SFX
  • Speech & Voice Dubbing
  • Compositions and Arrangements
  • Jingles and Advertising requirements.
  • Indian: Songs for movies and short movies, Indian classical, light music, devotional . . .
  • Western: various genres based on the requirement
  • Instruments,Digital recording, Mixing, Mastering
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    • Short Movies
    • PaaChi, Samarakoota, Missedcall maaye, Irugu, Parallel Crosses

    • Movies
    • Thejaswi, Not Reachable and Raja Rani Rocket

    • Albums
    • Aarohana’s debut album in 2009, Bhaava Sankirana, Bhaava Manjari, Daasaru kanda Gopikrishna,Just Re-acted
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Live Shows

  • PESCO 2009
  • Mythri 2011
  • Kannada retro
  • Hindi retro
  • India’s got talent - season 3, Mumbai
  • Md. Rafi Musical night at Jaganmohan Palace
  • Md. Rafi Musical night
  • Ghazal programs
  • Corporate get-together of Paradigm solutions, Cochin
  • Alcoholics Anonymous at NIE

Music Class

Don't be afraid, just play the music.

Aarohana offers music lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced level. The lessons are for all age groups interested in learning music. It also has association with schools for training kids, children and adults. Aarohana music class aims at helping a new learner to understand and practice the basics through real-time, one on one teaching mode. It has branches at different locations of Mysuru, Bengaluru and online for both instrumental and vocal classes. The students can be trained individually and as a band based on their strengths. Since the establishment has its own recording studio, composing and arrangement experience, a student will be exposed to the current trend. Regular programs are conducted in which the students perform individually and as a band which makes them confident and stage-ready. Workshops will be held about developments in the field and discussions with various experienced artists who share their experience and guide the students.

The classes conducted for
Vocal - Carnatic classical and Light music

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Service Certificate

The Only Truth is Music

It is always a wonderful experience recording at the Aarohana studio. It has great ambience which inspires to play with ease and to create something beautiful. The combo of good equipment and sensible sound engineers is another feather in the hat for Aarohana.

client 1 Vidwan Sameer Rao Flautist and Music composer

It’s a wonderful studio and the first time I saw it, fell in love with it. Sharath and Rohit are two amazing guys and I had a great experience working with them on my Debut album “Mysore chants” album. They are very friendly and they understand you well.

client 2 Bhuwan Sachdeva Singer,Composer,Rhythm guitarist, Percussionist

Yes, I love the keyboard class. I get to learn so many things. I can play many songs which I always wanted to and also maybe in a few months play more tunes on the keyboard. And also I love the fact that Sharath sir my teacher encourages me to try new songs on my own and helps me with it.

client 3 Satwik Mishra Student. Author: Colors of Silence

Have been associated with Aarohana and have known Sharath and Rohith for a long time. Working with them has been a wonderful and one-of a kind experience. The dedication and passion for music is their trademark. Looking forward to working with them in future.

client 3 Nikhil Koundinya Drummer

We had plans of making a feature film but the audio part was a big hurdle for us adding to limitations with our producers. Since our movie was a love story, getting the best music was a major requirement. Then we approached Aarohana studio where we got a major support. The ambience and the atmosphere in the studio makes us feel that we have come to the planet of music. They have a good network of talented artists which adds to the output quality of the audio.

client 3 Niveditha Harini Assistant Director, Nirantara creations

It gives me immense pleasure to tell about Aarohana studio. We have done 3 projects at the studio. “Mr. Thief” a short film, “Aarada gaaya” a kannada video song, “PaaChi-Paapi chirayu” a Kannada feature film. I can surely tell you that this is the best studio in Mysore. It was a very valuable experience during the project “PaaChi”. I have gained a lot of information and knowledge on what goes during the music direction and arrangement process. Overall it was a great experience there.

client 3 Karthik Nayaka Director, Nirantara creations

In my view, best studio in Mysore is Aarohana studio. Why many people will fall behind Aarohana is the quality what they give. There is no second thought about the commitment, technical stability, reliability and cost which are the plus points of Aarohana .

client 3 Srinidhi Vaadiraj Actor

Some people have lives, some people have music. We, at aarohana music class have made music our life and melody our food! Aarohana music classes provides us a fun filled and friendly atmosphere which makes us feel it to be a temple of music. I attend keyboard classes here and have received substantial encouragement from Sharath sir who is my tutor.He is a great teacher and a good friend.

client 3 Abhay Kulkarni Student, Aarohana music school, Mysore.

It was the first ever recording studio in my case, and, it's been an awesome journey so far.We under Nirantara Creations banner recorded our very first video song 'Aarada Gaaya' and a featurette movie known as 'PAACHI'. The whole experience was just tremendous. If I have to say about the studio, the dedication towards building the studio will always be an inspiration for me. I just want to say that, it's an ideal place if you are looking to cut a debut album or scoring a feature movie in Mysore with optimum price and more importantly with full fledged friendly support and guidance

client 3 Srisha Rao Music Director, Nirantara creations.

All the movie visuals can be shoot in a very good manner and all the editing works can be done at its best, but with out proper audio backup movie would be like "Food with out salt". But this problem can be solved by joining hands with Aarohana studio. As per my knowledge Aarohana studio is the best studio in mysore both in technical and creative aspects,and i thank this studio for providing such a good service in this field.

client 3 Pavan Director (Samarakoota)

AAROHANA as I personally feel is the best thing that can happen to any artist. I had the fortune to record my audio cd and had the best experience of my life with the best equipments and the consideration and encouragement given by both Sharath and Rohith. Thanks once again. I hope AAROHANA AS THE NAME SUGGESTS ASCENDS TO ALL THE GLORY IN THE WORLD and here's wishing my heartfelt best wishes to Sharath, Rohith and their team.

client 3 Krupa Nadig Singer.

Aarohana studio is like home away from home to me. Because that's the way the enthusiastic, enterprising boys Sharath & Rohit make you feel! They have come a long way from a small little place to a more spacious one all because of their hard work & dedication. Their passion for music is commendable! My experience at the recording studio was very comfortable & thank you both for bringing out the best in me in my Bhavageethe CD "Bhava Sankirana" I wish you guys all the very best in your future endeavors & look forward to more recording experience in Aarohana!

client 3 Shamala Prasanna Singer

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"

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Music . . . can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.


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